About Us

The Lions Club of Hubli is the 1st club in North Karnataka and senior most club in the Dist:317B.

In a span of 55 years of Lionistic services the Club has produced so far five distinguished District Governors
1) Late Lion Premnath Mavinkurve
2) Lion N. P. Javali
3) Late Lion Madan B. Desai
4) Lion PMJF Dr. Ravi L. Nadgir
5) MJF Lion Krishnaraj Punaji
All of them provided leadership of highest standard. The club has won several important awards and recognitions at District, Multiple and International levels too. Hosting of conferences and conventions has been a habit with the Lions Club of Hubli. The Lions Club of Hubli derives its strength not only from their qualitative and sound membership but also from each member's reputational recognitions in the society and in their field of activities. The Lions Club of Hubli was inaugurated by Lion Noshir Pundole, the then Dist. Governor, as early as December 19, 1960. Laudable were the efforts of Dr. V. V. Tegginmanil Hiralal Khimji and others in organizing our Club: the Lions Club of Hubli. Lion. Dr. V. V. Tegginmanip as the Charter President with 33 other service minded men of distinction, each in their owe fields received the Club Charter at the gracious hands of Dist. Governor Lion.

T. Sundaram on March 5, 1961. The Hubli Lions Club enjoys its strong foundation led down by its Charter Members. Thereafter the Club has not looked back both in fellowship and service to the community, near and far. Now the Club stands as the Pioneer Club in Lions Dist. 317-B. The Club has made its mark as the best Club in the District Administrative and Service Contests for several times in the last 55years. The Club started with 34 Charter members drawn from Hubli, Gadag, Annigeri and Nargund. The first Club that the Lions Club of Hubli sponsored as early as 1962 was the Lions Club of Belgaum. So far Hubli Lions have extended Lionism to 31 new areas with their offshoots further spreading Lionism all around. This Club is recognized as the torchbearer of Lionism in this part of Karnataka. The needs and demands of the community are met with from time to time such that the community looks to this Club in times of need and crisis. The prestigious projects our club has started include
1) Lions English Medium School
2) Yoga Society
3) Medical Centre
4) Blood Bank.
The Lions Club of Hubli always thinks of putting need base but constructive projects to render its value base services to the community.

Past District Governors from our Club

Lion Premnath Mavinkurve
Late Lion Premnath Mavinkurve

"Make Your Fellowman Feel Needed"

Lion Niramalkumar.P.Javali
Lion Niramalkumar.P.Javali

"Make Life Purposeful"

Late Lion.Madan B.Desai
Late Lion.Madan B.Desai

"Lionism A Ray Of Hope"

MJF Lion.Dr.Ravi L Nadgir
MJF Lion.Dr.Ravi L Nadgir

"Divine Vision Human Effort"

MJF Lion Krishnaraj S. Punaji
MJF Lion Krishnaraj S. Punaji

"Dream Act & Achive"